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Portacath For Chemotherapy

April 21, 2012

Portacath catheter is a medical gadget that’s used in order to get access to the intraclavicular vein. The access is granted by a catheter that gets into the vein and a septum where the injections are done. The name of the appliance comes from Portacath that’s a brand name for such little medical devices. It’s also referred to as a port. It has quite a lot of advantages, some of which are reduced chance of infection and improved comfort for the patient. The patient’s skin does not have to be punctured many times and that is how the chance of infection is reduced.

Portacath is most often used for illnesses where many injections are necessary. Whenever a person undergoes chemotherapy it’s almost always installed under the skin. With it the many different drugs and solutions are extremely easily brought in the body. What’s more, doctors can always draw some blood samples for different tests. The portacath catheter is even better for people that are undergoing chemotherapy. They’re extremely exhausted by the many chemical substances that are brought in their bodies constantly and they certainly don’t need to be injected every time. This device makes them feel much better and reduces the chance of infection and blood vessel rupture.

Let’s continue with this content page. Chemotherapeutical drugs are dangerous if they leak from the veins into the surrounding tissues. That is why it’s so important to use to portacath because it provides you with perfect access to the intraclavicular vein. That way there is almost no chance of leaks in the surrounding tissues which would also reduce the risks connected to chemotherapy. The whole appliance is created in such a way that it’s really safe for the patient to have it installed.

Accessing My Port for Chemotherapy

The portacath catheters are mainly used for increased comfort of the patient but that is not all of it. People that need chemotherapy are injected multiple times a day. If they don’t have a catheter installed in just a few days the nurses would run out of usable veins and it would be impossible for the therapy to go on. This kind of therapy may even go on for a year or more and this is the main reason why the portacath is used for this specific purpose. That is why the port is used and it helps both the patient’s safety and comfort and the doctor’s comfort.

This appliance also allows medication at home. The patient no longer needs to visit the hospital every day or stay there. All the patient needs to do is follow strictly their doctor’s instructions. They only have to use a special needle for putting the drugs into the septum and that is it. Last, but not least, the portacath has to be cleaned regularly with heparin. This is necessary because otherwise it may fill with clots and may get blocked. This may lead to the need of replacement of the catheter. If it’s serviced properly it can remain under the skin of the patient from 3 to 5 years.

And for more, if your interested in portacath information, please check out, which has articles on insertion, complications, and Is portacath removal.


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